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Live with the Spirit of Giving and discover the joy of volunteering!

Join our team of volunteers and open up your world to new things and ideas. Discover and develop your skills and share with us your talents and abilities.

Consider this as part of your social responsibility of giving back to your less privileged brothers and sisters.

We Need Your Support and Your Gifted Talents!

We will be grateful if you share with us your precious time. Our foundation is in need of volunteers who can take on the challenges and assume the following responsibilities.

  • Content writers

– Create imaginative and compelling content for the association’s


– Write articles about the history of Marrakech regions

– Perform written translations from Arabic and French to English

the language of historical archives, human treasures of the region

and economic studies, cultural property, the living national treasure,

monuments and cultural landscape related to the region

– Write in various styles and formats

– Write proposals for international NGOs and organizations for

upcoming project

– Writing and developing proposals for upcoming events and major

international festival

– Add strategic ideas for online marketing strategies.

– Write activities about events and activities of the association

including but not limited to football matches, theaters, workshops,

art exhibitions and performing arts, and other related activities.

– Compose and post social media content required in a timely


– Write articles about immaterial and intangible cultural heritage

– Write about tolerance and cultural diversity


– Experience in composing articles for social media and has sound

knowledge of web content practices.

– Can proofread and edit

– Excellent skills in online research

– Capable to adapt quickly to new technologies.

– Understands SEO, Link Building, and content optimization

– Preferably a Bachelor’s degree holder in English Literature or


If you have a flair and talent for English content writing, here is your chance to share your passion and skill.

  • Translators

We need translators to accompany and attend meetings during the visit to the country of international artists, NGOs, and agriculture experts.

  • Event volunteers

We need a team of volunteers to organize upcoming events, conferences, festivals, workshops, and training programs.

About the Organization

For more than 16 years, the Anouar Association for Sustainable Development provides assistance in overseeing the welfare of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, giving emphasis to elders and children in the region of Ait Faska in Al Haouz Province, Marrakech.

Why should you volunteer?

Be part of Anouar Associations team of volunteers. We have a number of community projects in store and we need writers to cover these initiatives so people can be made aware that such important projects exist. Wouldn’t it feel good to be part of something that provides support to a deserving community?

But wait, there is much more to being a volunteer than giving back. You can get so much out of volunteering. Check out some of its interesting benefits:

  • Gives you a sense of purpose as volunteers perform critical roles
  • Lessens the danger of going to depression for it helps you build new friends and connections
  • Drives you to stay active, mentally and physically
  • Reduce stress levels. The more you volunteer, the happier you become!
  • Volunteering may help you live longer.
  • Improve your social skills
  • Find global opportunities. Volunteering can open up opportunities to go abroad
  • It increases your self-confidence by valuing your good work for your community
  • Allows you to get out of your comfort zone and rise to new challenges

The significance of volunteering lies not only in helping to better your community, but it also betters you as a person.

How to Join

We want you to have a perfect time working with us.

Volunteering is open to everyone who is interested in having a close and unique look behind the scenes. We are openhearted and curious for all new ideas which you like to share with us and might want to bring in. We appreciate and looking forward to your support.

Participating volunteers will be given certificates and token of appreciation from Anouar Association. But more than that, you will be paid in six figures… S-M-I-L-E-S.

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Why you become a Volunteer

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