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Anouar Association is a Nonprofit Organization established on 05 January 2007. Anouar Association is striving to serve more underprivileged children and other people not only in the Arab world but in other geographies too.

Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible niches orphan disseminate metrics after resource-leveling processes. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for interoperable meta-services.

Anouar Association is to nourish the potential hidden inside every underprivileged child and elderly person and help them get a foothold. We know that children need a good upbringing, healthcare, good education etc. to nourish their potential. Anouar association has been working on this pursuit throughout its long years of existence. But there are elders too who need care, sustenance and help to earn a living for themselves. Our vision is to help these underprivileged children and elders by fundraising for their cause, volunteering to help them and by helping and supporting them.

We aim to bring about a societal change by increasing awareness among people about various issues. There are societal issues which are leading children being rendered recluse and elders being rendered helpless. We want to help these children and elders to support their own cause and earn a living for themselves.

There are a lot of children from marginalized families in the Arab world. Some of these children have become destitute. They need proper health care, personal care, educational care, and a little indulgence to grow up as good human beings capable of bringing a change in the society. The society, as it now exists, does not care much for these children. These children whom we are helping and nourishing may one day be able to bring that much-needed change in the societal outlook to children, elders, and families in general.

Children are at the receiving end of marital discords and changing family values in various geographies around the world including the Arab world. These are the triggers that result in neglect and abuse of elders.

Elders too are at the receiving end around the world. Economic compulsions, as well as changing family values, are contributing to the abuse and negligence of elders by their children. There are many elders who are unable to fend for themselves and are spending their days in poverty. They need to be provided with some care and help so that they can fend for themselves. We take care of such elders and provide them with the sustenance of every kind possible for us.

Children are the future of a nation. We all need to understand that underprivileged children need to be given proper opportunity, training, and education so that they can grow up as good and effective citizens. With this in view, we are building children school. However, the venture is an expensive affair, as you know schools require a lot of infrastructures, both physical and human. We are appealing to all the conscientious people all over the world to invest in this noble cause.

Our approach is implementing development programs for the benefit of children and elders. We really emphasize upon helping those from the marginalized communities since they are the most vulnerable to diseases, malnourishment, being misted by unlawful groups etc. We help and support such communities so that the children and elders in these communities are able to support themselves on their own.

We would like to see the inherent dynamism and power of Arab children to blossom so that they can take charge of their own future. However, we are not confined to the Arab world. We are working for the upliftment of downtrodden communities, especially children, and elders, in Arab as well as in Europe, Canada, and USSA.

Our support for the elderly and children is not confined to providing healthcare and education. We see to it that these people are able to look after themselves. So we help them learn various skills that may help them to get involved in a profession and earn. Since the job market is ever-changing, we need to keep pace with it and design new courses for imparting job skills to these children and elders.

Working with children and elders has something in common. Both of them are innocent, especially the children. The power of innocence can really accomplish complex tasks. There is a long list of precedence when elders and children have made it big through sheer perseverance and effort. We just help them achieve their objective.

Apart from the educational initiative in the form of building schools, we are also involved in promoting various sports activities, community development programs, and sustainable development programs. We also take care to see that health care is available to each underprivileged elder and child. Since potable water is one of the most valuable resources for human sustenance, we care to see that each underprivileged child and elder can have enough water for himself or herself.

Sports activities are good for the health of children. They also develop a sense of group or community. We promote sports so that children stay healthy and can grow a sense of community. Apart from this we also undertake community development programs and sustainable development programs so that the number of underprivileged children and elders come down.

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