Launching Library Management System for the new Anouar Association Library

Anouar Association Library

“One Book at a Time” – Anouar Association

In today’s society, people are more vocal about their current situation but what about those who are silenced not because they don’t want to speak but how society perceives them. These people don’t have a voice because they weren’t given a chance to be brought up to a privileged world that somehow most of us are living. They are being relived from their own basic human rights.

That is why Anouar Association, a non-profit organization strives to serve those who are in need of a helping hand. The organization dutifully aims to stop certain stigmas and views about the way a certain person shall be viewed. It’s determined not to break free from the chasm between the old conservative views and modern views but to understand and acknowledge the difference. These differences can somehow manage to create a better view of how the world can be viewed in a much diverse outlook. This does not limit any idea but encourage each opinion in establishing programs that can benefit everyone.

Anouar Association was established on the year of 2007, from the beginning it is undeniable how dedicated and hardworking the people behind this organization are. Throughout the years, they continue not just to serve the poor and provide aid but also educate them and bring more awareness of how the world is. This organization is not just simply an organization but a community which has built families from every single one which they have reached by the means of the number of programs they have commenced. It has aided the children of Marrakech, Morocco by assembling several different programs such as providing food banks, their mission on promoting a greener environment which not only is beneficial for the people but also to the Earth and new ideas that will surely make a difference in the world. Their highly-dedicated team is located in Al Haouz, Marrakech, Morocco that will work together to create an organization that positively impacts the lives of underprivileged people.

Its founder Mr. Mohamed Dekkak has been dedicated and consistent with his humanitarian works all throughout the Arab world but this doesn’t stop him from reaching other geographies in the near future. His compassion for the underprivileged has helped him come up with projects that greatly impact the lives of the poor, giving them an enthusiastic and positive outlook in life.

One of their top priorities is the establishment of their Food Banks. It is common knowledge to everyone that one of the root causes of hunger is poverty, with that being said being able to support the people with proper nutritional meals is one of the main goals of this program. The other goals are to provide these people with the resource to sustain and make food for themselves. They are encourage to learn about how they can grow, harvest and store their own food. Food is one of the basic needs of every human being. Anour Association’s Food Bank project also aims to reduce the waste of food by teaching people the importance of proper food preparation and handling.

In line with their new ideas, they have come up with a project to establish a library in the neighborhood of Marrakech not only for the children of Morocco but also its communities. Taking in consideration one of the basic rights of every human being is the right for education or the right to be educated. This project will continuously cater not just children but also those people who may be deprived from being educated due to the fact that education is only for those who can afford it. But Anouar Association affirms to destroy this belief and will continue to lend a helping hand.

A lot of people might disregard the thought of building a library and some might not understand the importance of having one in their community. A library is a wondrous place where you can gain knowledge and learn the triumphs and tragedies of history and how the world came to be. It aids the curious mind’s hunger to understand how society works and it changes the perspective of every reader that dares to learn. This project also aims to help people to gain an easy access to books that can help them learn various topics and create ideas that can nourish their minds breaking the cycle of poverty in the developing world.

This library will not only be available an as establishment but can also be accessed through your phones and/or laptops. Keeping up with the modern use of technology they are keen to use the Library Management System (LMS) which can be used to further assist everyone’s needs in regards to the library’s catalog and so much more. Comfort and accessibility is right at the tip of your fingers. This software system shall maintain a wide array of books that can be easily reserved or returned by using this system. It will also help the users to easily navigate the library by saving the time of scanning each and every corner.

Being able to provide such project is one step in creating a better world for the future leaders and developers of the country. This may not only influence the youth but also inspire adults to finally understand how important supporting someone who desires to be educated is. This project will not be the end but only the beginning of the organization’s mission in being able to sustain bright and meaningful future for those who are in need.

Anouar Association has been around for several years but will not stop them from bringing up awareness about the Global Sustainable Development Goals such as ending poverty, hunger equitable quality education, clean energy, reduction of waste, boost recycling, greener environment and being intentional of how important each life is. Everyone has the power to change anyone’s life.

Finally, Anouar Association believes that everyone deserves to be educated and their cause will surely improve these people’s education one book at a time.

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