Anouar Association launches medical caravans

Eye Surgery

The ophthalmology mission project of the Anouar Association for the community of Ait Faska will be effective on February 7 to 9, 2020 at the Community Center of Ait Faska.

This program, which is fully initiated by the Anouar Association, aims to treat all the residents suffering from cataracts and ocular pathologies. This operation aims to provide free medical care to residents of Ait Faska free of charge.

In Morocco, health coverage remains below actual needs, especially in remote and marginalized areas where populations live in insecure and destitute conditions. To consult a doctor, to be treated, to have surgery, remains an inaccessible and expensive act for a large population. the population only survives thanks to the work of the land, livestock or crafts. Many people with cataracts or other ocular pathologies cannot exercise their activities and are de facto excluded from the community. Allowing them to regain their sight and their dignity and to integrate socially remains the primary objective of Anouar association.

Made up of specialists, nurses and volunteers from the Association, these medical caravans aim to combat health inequalities and facilitate access to healthcare for the disadvantaged community of Ait Faska.

Several doctors and medical representatives will work to provide ophthalmological treatment for the benefit of the residents. The main objective is to significantly reduce the progression of these eye pathologies which are the cause, not only of the blindness of a good number of individuals, but also of impacts on their social and economic lives. 

Thanks to this initiative, people have free access to consultations. For a better diagnosis, medical teams also offer populations medical examinations and screening tests for various pathologies. The medical teams will conduct consultations and examinations free of charge. These medical caravans also aim to provide support to doctors and carers in the target regions while involving local associations for the achievement of common objectives.

In addition to access to healthcare, the purpose of caravans is to raise awareness in the region of Ait Faska. This vast ophthalmological medical operation will allow free consultation and treatment of the Ait Faska residents for eye diseases and pathologies that are constantly on the rise in the region.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, all consultations and cataract interventions and surgery will be covered free of charge by the Association mission. Hundreds of people from the region of Ait Faska will benefit from a multidisciplinary medical caravan, initiated by the Association.

Blindness in Morocco: a structural problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. To effectively combat reversible blindness due to cataracts, 3,000 cataract operations per million inhabitants should be performed each year! A challenge that several countries do not take up, including Morocco.

Indeed, for a population of around 33 million Moroccans, almost 100,000 cataracts must be operated each year. In reality, official figures indicate that only about half of the cases with this eye disease are operated on by the public and private sectors combined. This alarming deficitin terms of cataract operations today concerns around 50,000 cases each year, awaiting a therapeutic surgical act!

The lack of generalized medical cover and the high cost of surgical treatment constitute the major obstacle to the care of patients, especially the most disadvantaged.

Cataracts: A plague among the poorest

Cataracts are a visual disease that is characterized by an opaque (less transparent) lens, which prevents light from passing through the eye, resulting in blurred vision.
The cataract occurs with age, mainly because of aging. It must be operated imperatively, to avoid any risk of losing vision.

Certain factors can increase the risk of cataract attack, in particular heredity, diabetes, tobacco, old traumas or eye diseases, a diet low in fruits and vegetables, high exposure to UV rays of the sun.
Only surgery can cure cataracts. It is a trivialized and proven operation, through the technique of phacoemulsification extraction: the cataract is emulsified and aspirated by a small orifice, then the opaque lens is replaced by a transparent artificial lens, which will allow you to cover a clear and clear vision.

This technique is a real revolution. It is done under local anesthesia, lasts only a few minutes and allows rapid visual recovery (in a few hours) and complete healing in a month.

The Caravan


This mobile ophthalmology caravan is made up of a medical platform and a surgical platform. A team of doctors, nurses, opticians, technicians and assistants are also part of the expedition, with a view to:

  • Dispensing medical and surgical procedures;
  • Practice screening actions in children, the elderly and the population in great precariousness;
  • Take preventive actions;
  • Ensure an annual follow-up of the patients.

Under the leadership of Mohamed Dekkak, everything has been planned accordingly by the Anouar Association for this local mission to achieve its goal of significantly reducing the prevalence and frequency of eye diseases in Ait Faska.

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