Projection du film “les voisines d’Abou Moussa”

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The Anouar association for development and solidarity is organizing a screening of the film “the neighbors of Abu Moussa” produced by the Moroccan filmmaker Mr. Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi in the multi-disciplinary room of the municipality of Ait Ourir. Boulevard Hassan 2 district Gogharda Ait OURIR El haouz. Sunday December 29, 2019 from 2:30 p.m. With the presence of the director.


During the reign of the Merinid dynasty, a dignitary of the regime, Abou Salim Al Juraï, returning from a victorious pacification campaign from one of the innumerable regions is received, in great fanfare, in Salé by the two highest dignitaries of the city, judge Ibn Al Hafid and the new governor Germon that a muted rivalry opposes.
The same evening, an official dinner is occasionally offered at the judge’s home in the presence of all the dignitaries of Salé. An incident disturbs the smooth running of the festivities when a young and beautiful slave of the judge, a woman called Chama, fails to scald the prestigious host when passing the ewer that an ill-intentioned person has filled with water too hot. But the plot hatched against the beautiful Chama, ends, the Minister of the Sultan, immediately noticing the exceptional beauty of the young woman, asks her master to marry her.
It is the beginning of an episode of events in the life of Chama and which make the subject and the theme of the film “the neighbors of Abu Moussa”
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