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Anouar Association is a Nonprofit Organization established on 05 January 2007 under the leadership of Mohamed Dekkak. The main focus of its attention is to serve the underprivileged children and elderly people in Ait Faska, a small and rural community in Al Haouz, Marrakech, Morocco.


The Anouar Association Foodbank is a non-profit organization working together for a hunger-free and zero food waste in a small community in Ait Faska through unifying and strengthening food banks. We believe that food banks are a fundamental and feasible action to empower and eliminate hunger and food wastage.

Little by little, the Anouar Association food bank will operate in a small yet tremendous way by the help and support of donors, volunteers, and other agencies in order to help the underprivileged people in Ait Faska.

One of the goals of the Anouar Association is to help eradicate poverty and nourish the potential hidden inside every underprivileged child and elderly person and help them get a better chance in life and this includes eliminating hunger. And that is why Anouar Association Food Bank is created. The Anouar Association Food Bank will oversee the process of collecting, storing, and distributing food to the underprivileged youth and elderly of Ait Faska in a manner that it will not go against the health standard and safety of the people.


Generally, food waste means the amount of food that is not eaten which is being discarded and disposed of in a trash and can be seen daily in supermarkets, restaurants, factories, and even in our home. It can be it is not yet composted which means food can still be edible but being thrown out. Food waste and food loss represent an emerging problem with huge economic, social, and environmental implications. Food waste is one of the most extreme social, economic, and ecological hindrance among us in the world.   There are many factors why food goes to waste:

  • We order or buy too much food
  • Food products get to spoil and become inedible due to improper storage.
  • Food exceeds its expiration date.
  • Fresh produce, fish, meat usually spoil in hot climates due to the lack of proper transportation.
  • Food sometimes perceived to have an imperfect appearance.