Sustainability the fourth wave of Economy

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Publisher: Alleem Corporation
Genres: Economy
Pages: 175 pages
Binding: Softcover
Tags: Economy

The world economy has witnessed transition from fest wave of mere sunvival of humankind through agriculture lo scond wave of lechnology and industrialization. The recent and third wave ol economy has witnessed new highs of application of information lechnology with amazing ee ol BCcessibility, timelines and networkedinformation. The author, Dr. Rashid Alleem, a visionary, has foreseen a new, and the fourth wave of economy with an overarching concepl of sustainable development. In this phase, there is a marked shift towards a more indusive growth and the sUstainability, which stem from the depleting natural resources and the expecied increasing demand from the teeming milons across nations. The author speaks of his experiences in a number of countries, where he seen abject poverty. And fell that the best investment is nol in gold or real estate, but the people, who should be central lo any atempt at sustainability, keeping in mind the fact that is here is no altemative to Inclusive growth. But then the incusive growth is not easy lo achieve, parlicularly because of weak policies of the Govemments around the world and the growing and gawning difference between rich and poor, with the rich splurging their wealth, while millions are going without food. The Govemments, feels the author, need to encourage domestic and foreign investments with an added emphasis on production and employment with the help of developed infrastructure. Dr. Rashid Alleem has a vision of UAE 2021, which will redefine indusive growth, striking harmony and equibrium and above all attain sustainability based on betler energy and water management and holislic healthcare, so Crucal lo the survival of the mankind.


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