Energy and National Security in the 21st Century

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Publisher: National Defense University Press
Genres: Politics, Economy
Pages: 191 pages
Binding: Softcover
ISBN10: 1579060269
ISBN13: 9781579060268
Tags: Politics, Economy

This volume poses two central questions: (1) What does energy security mean now that energy supply is determined more and more by market forces? (2) What are the most likely circumstances under which the United States may have to apply diplomatic and military pressure to ensure orderly world energy markets? The papers collected here examine areas of the energy market of central concern for national security. They also consider energy prospects in key countries from the point of view of security, either because the countries are in volatile regions like the Persian Gulf or because they are major military as well as energy powers like Russia. 

These analyses represent an exciting exchange of views among people from two rather different communities: those concerned with national security and those concerned with energy and economics. 


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