Opening of the library of tomorrow by Anouar Association

library Anouar Association


Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity will open a library together with the creation of the reading club for the community of Ait Faska. The opening will be held on March 8, 2020. 

Opening a library is essential in a community. Mohamed Dekkak, President of the Anouar Association, highlights the importance of the library as this project will help work with the school to ensure the general missions of education, literacy and continuing education for all learners and even teachers in Ait Faiska.


Access to good quality books is necessary for the education of young children. It is important to meet the needs of education, training, and information. Anouar Association is driven by the desire to support the learning of reading and writing. The association implements actions aimed at awakening the taste for reading and stimulating curiosity among young people and all public.


School libraries in Ait Faska are rare. Primary school construction projects do not systematically take into account the opening of libraries. Schools are therefore sorely lacking in space and teaching materials.


In Ait Faska, there are not many schools. Although children in the city have more access to books than those in rural areas, there is a large segment of the population who suffer from a lack of optimal study conditions.


In this context, the Anouar association gives children, regardless of their social condition, the same opportunities for academic success. The equipment of the library and cultural events are part of this perspective.


It is important for the association that the library works with the school to ensure the general missions of education, literacy, and continuing education for all learners and even teachers in the locality.


The project, therefore, includes furnishing equipment to create a functional and pleasant space, the management of books, and the animation of sessions with learners, as well as the organization of readings, the coming of storytellers or even projections for becoming, after the lessons, a real cultural space.


The library will serve the residents of Ait Faska, especially the children and youth. It will also be accessible to children from other schools in the neighborhood, including the surrounding population.


Why Library?


Libraries represent different things according to people; this is where mothers can take their children to read their first story, where students come to study and where each of us can borrow a book, surf the Internet, or do research. Libraries offer us a way to access knowledge.


Promote education


Libraries not only lend books but also reproduce materials for research or private study. Students do not have the means to acquire each of the works or to pay for each of the television programs or magazines to which they must be able to access their studies so that they depend on the services of a library.


Preserve cultural heritage


Libraries are the rich repositories of funds of great historical and cultural interest, many of which are not available elsewhere in the world. Without an adequate exception to copyright, a library could not preserve or replace a damaged work still covered by copyright. It could not legally copy or digitize an old newspaper number or a unique sound recording to preserve it. Without adequate exceptions in favor of libraries, this cultural heritage would be lost for future generations.


A library is significant to the community of the Ait Faska, especially to the next generations. Access to information, culture, universal literacy, and training in new technologies. These subjects, at the heart of the daily action of libraries, and are the goals of the association. The role of the library is, therefore, essential in helping to achieve these objectives. In addition, they offer a solid and trustworthy network of local institutions that effectively reach all components of the population.


The anouar Association has been committed since 2007 for education, integration of young people, vulnerable children, women and elders, and health care in rural areas. In this spirit, it exercises different activities through humanitarian projects and activities in Ait Faska, such as the opening of a library. Its projects and activities are today a benchmark in terms of development in the community.


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