Sports Activities



Physical activities like sports are indicated to be a great process for the youth to acquire knowledge to significant soft skills, gain teamwork and self-assurance. Physical sports and games have an important role in child advancement and have a lasting beneficial impact on children. Juveniles require outstanding assistance to make healthy living options and develop their life’s skills and knowledge to flourish.

The Association Anouar De Développement Et De Solidarité or ANOUAR ASSOCIATION controls that power to promote next-generation leaders. The foundation provides the youth of the future with remarkable access to scholars and sports in which empowering them to excel. When children have stronger physical and mental abilities, leadership and self-confidence, they started to be proficient in communication and inspiring their communities, comrade, school and peers.


By the superintendence of Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman of Association Anouar De Développement Et De Solidarité (ANOUAR ASSOCIATION) , the Anouar Association Annual Football Tournament aims to give back to the community of Ait Faska in Morocco by encouraging children to participate in outside extracurricular projects, such as sports and games, it helps them to develop and explore skills which are considered useful and  advantageous every part of their lives. Children are visible and exposed to various physical, mental, social, emotional, and educational interest by engaging in sports and the next edition pledges to be even better.

The Anouar Association (Association Anouar De Développement Et De Solidarité) provides projects like coaching sports in community or schools, committed sports groups, and centers. These projects give participator the opportunity to promote their skills and pass on their passion for sports to youth in the advancement world. Some volunteers choose one sport as their focal point. On the other hand, some volunteers choose to teach a different kind of sports in a school or in a sports club.

The annual football tournament was organized by Anouar Association, a remarkable opportunity to assemble friends, associate, and volunteers to support this young generation football enthusiast connecting with the local community and philanthropic enterprise for Anouar Association projects. The goal of the association is to provide safe entertainment and enjoyable event for the kids in Ait Faska, Morocco.


Physical education and sports are essential to the advanced development of the youth. The skills and ability discovered during physical education, games, and sport contribute to the comprehensive development of young generations. Through involvement in any physical education and sport, juveniles learn about the importance of key sports values such as:

Establishing Physical Capability – there is numerous health advantage in playing sports, such as maintaining physically active and fit. Further, studies demonstrate that those who take part in organized sports as teenagers or children were more to continue to participate in as adults in active behavior. The overall motor skills development benefit young people as well. Throwing a ball and kicking, jumping, and running is all often performed in many sports. Overall motor skills are not only significant for self-esteem and self-assurance while playing physical activities, but can help children prepare for school-preparedness.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits – participating in team physical education and sports can upgrade the child’s self-respect, dignity and boost their self-assurance. Pay attention to how much amusement and advantage your kids are experiencing from participating in the sport rather than examining on victory and defeat. This is really the most important factor that will contribute to the child’s confidence and self-respect. As the children develop this improved mindset of paying attention to accomplishments and the aspiration to grow and learn, they also gain better sportsmanship which they can accept losing, seeing it as just an additional opportunity to develop and grow.

Sociability in Sports – such as cooperation and teamwork also has great benefits of participating in team physical sports that help develops children’s’ social skills. They learn how to solve problems, work together, take turns, and value of teamwork. Performing and sharpening these skills will give benefits during adulthood. In addition, one of the major social benefits for children is considering the sense of belonging which is mentality critical for many children who are still in the stage of developing and growing social skills. It gives the chance to interact with their peers and improves congeniality in a way that kids might feel comfortable with. Many youths find the opportunity to lead their team, developing leadership that is important sociability, as well in doing so.

Indoor versus Outdoor – the importance of playing sports for both indoor and outdoor sports have benefits of their own. In outdoors physical activities, children are connected with the natural world. In addition, the advantages of outdoor physical activity such as giving enough source  Vitamin D, decreasing nature deficit disorder, stress release, and gaining in children’s attention period all come as well.

Health Benefits– any sports includes vigorous activities like sprinting,  running, jumping and drills that need a generous liveliness and expenditure of energy that engage the cardiovascular system. Habitually participating in physical activities and exercise such as football have beneficial effects such as reduced heart disease, increased longevity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.

Fitness Expertise– physical activities and sports help develop numerous types of fitness skills including agility, speed, thinking, and power. Sports players may develop muscle strength, lose weight and fats, and maintaining healthy habits. Other beneficial components of sports include gaining muscular durability and better mobility and flexibility.

Life Skills – competitive sports activities create teamwork, which defines cooperation, selflessness, and better communication developments. The formation of the game promotes significant life skills, such as goal-setting, leadership, and time scheduling management. Assembled group sports such as a football have other advantages that can benefit the athletes in all feature of their lives including less participation in risky behaviors, greater family attachment, higher grades, and increased involvement in volunteer work.

We must carefully understand that sports are beneficial to children for numerous reasons. In an extra factor, they will stay physically and healthy fit and have the chance to exercise social skills, such as listening and taking turns setting them up for success in the future. If you are looking for ways to encourage your child to play sports, this article has some excellent tips for parents to do so.


Morocco is a country for many leisure athletes. It is an uppermost destination of sports like football, water sports, hiking, and golf, but its diversity of outdoor environment and present-day infrastructure offer innumerable another method to have an energetic vacation.

Football is the most popular and famous sports activity in Morocco where every individual talk the language of sports. For a cultural diversity country like Morocco, football encourages cultural exchange within its ethical categories. The love and fondness for the football let the fanatics of Moroccan sit enjoying and more importantly discussing the game everywhere they have a chance of bonding together. Morocco is an extremely verbal society, their ideal way of general viewing. If you look closely, you will find specific kinds of racial exchange from them. Morocco is a country full of distinctive cultural frameworks, various faith and beliefs, patriarchic customs and an inability to read or write rate is one-third of the growing population. So the general approach of football might ease some pressure.

Football and nationalism here are connected, and can never separate the two in this situation, simply football unifies people in Morocco. In other words, like in other countries, football encourages nationalism among citizens that supports this activity, and make them excited while watching it.

Football enthusiast not only learns about the sport itself. Moroccans help to improve their skills in the Arabic language while listening and watching to well expressed sports announcers and reporters. Some of the fanatics have never been to school that can help with pronunciation, vocabulary, diction, and grammar with ideas of other countries. It comprises aspects of several disciplines like sociology, physiology, geography and cultural feature in a broader football sense. And it can help tolerance for different tradition and cultures, raise recognition and customs globally and within your own locality.


Organizing a youth sports project like the Anouar Association Annual Football Tournament is a huge responsibility. Volunteer parents can handle everything and if your kids want to play sports, you will almost surely be asked to take on some volunteer jobs is a way to save money on children sports. In addition, you can spend some quality time with your children, helps you learn about the sport and make some new found friends with the same interest and passion.

There are usually many choices but it still depends on the foundation projects. Parent makes it easier to choose where they think kids will enjoy or skills that they already have. There is also training will available for newbies; the program and veteran parents are gladly for help.

Coach or assistant coach – this program could probably use coaching help especially if parents have some experience in teaching, coaching, or playing your children’s sport. Some teams or sports program have paid teachers or head coaches but still needs volunteers to guide them. Like team leader dad and mom or team parents.

Judge and Referee – some professional judges and referrals are important for subjective sports but many other sports rely on volunteers to conduct on sports time events, especially in track and field and swimming where this happen at the same time.

Judge and Referee – some professional judges and referree are important for subjective sports but many other sports rely on volunteers to conduct on sports time events, especially in track and field and swimming where this happen at the same time.

Team Uniforms – someone has to track, store, order, distribute, and maintain apparel and shared equipment whether participants wear a simple t-shirt with the same color uniform for the team.

Fundraisers – mostly, youth sports projects depend on fundraising for the money they need to operate. Parent volunteers organize, run fundraising activities, sell some product and services to help the ongoing fundraising.

Photographer – just a quick photo of the team taken at practice or in the game, someone needs to be on point to take pictures for remembrance, or work with a professional volunteer photographer to do the job. Some photographers will make a contribution or donation to the foundation or will give back a small sales percentage in trade for the opportunity to sell photos.

Foods and Drinks – mostly for little children, the half-time or after the game snacks can be an as big help. Volunteer parents usually make the food schedule so all families will take a turn providing the snacks, drinks and healthy foods.

Messenger – associations, coaches and other sports members have lots of message other players’ families, so a team volunteer parent big role as the key information reference, maintaining a private message board, advertise public events and sending emails.

Special Events – If the youth sports project throws or organizes a competition or tournament, volunteers will help to arrange. Parent volunteers might host and plan other events like awards banquets, team-building outings, and end-of-season parties, on smaller scale responsibilities.

Board of Directors and Members – organizing youth sports projects takes leadership and decision-making, that a board of directors main role that includes officers.

Facilities – Parent volunteers mostly dads or brother do the painting lines on soccer fields or making the bench for the audience or sometimes they act as the cleaning committee.

Volunteer Administrator and Supervisor– Importantly, a parent volunteer has to organize and coordinates all the other participants and volunteers!


Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman of Association Anouar De Développement Et De Solidarité (ANOUAR ASSOCIATION), the Anouar Association Annual Football Tournament will continue to focused on promoting the power of sports to the children that will improve education, and raise health awareness. The foundation will help to promote football in schools and the less fortunate communities, as well as working with popular football group and helping local or foreign players develop for league tournament by the help of the foundation, volunteers and the generosity of the chairman and members.

The Anouar Association Annual Football Tournament is common accordance that the sports will help for children’s development that refers to programs as a tool for advancement. Physical activities and sports of all diversity are viewed as a kids mechanism to make social change.