The secret of Happiness is giving – Anouar Association

Secret of Happiness is giving - Anouar Association

Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity distributed 4200 families from 92 beneficiary villages of Atlas Mountains. 85 volunteers from the association’s affiliates 55 voluntary days for the success of the campaign.


  •  The idea

 This time in Ramadan which is the holy month in Islam. Now, as the organization shifted its attention towards the poor people who cannot afford proper meals, white hand campaign for breaking the fast of a fasting person is an idea which implies the holy good deeds that there is a reward for the person who gives something to a fasting person for breaking his fast. He will get compensation in this world as well as in the hereafter.

No matter if they follow Islam or not but the problems being raised not only in Moroccan territory but all around the globe. Which are poverty and hunger; people suffering from it are in bad shape, which is unacceptable to the people with good hearts.

  • How they work

The mode of working is very different from the others. First of all, the people in the organization go out in search of the needy people who do not have anything to eat or are even homeless who deserve help. They, first of all, collect their details and report back to the office. After this step, the leader arranges the service in food items donated by the others. The food is delivered door to door to provide them with the essential food item for the Suhoor and Iftar. In this way, the poor people do not think low of themselves, but they thank Allah  who is taking care of them in this challenging time.  

  • Group Iftars

In this type of event, all of the workers arrange a place where anyone can come in and break their fast even if they are homeless. This doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is that everyone is gathered around for food supply so that they can eat and drink well at the time of iftar. This place can be chosen anywhere in the city, but most of the, it is the mosque in the town.

  • Collaboration with the Anouar Association :

In the time when there is no one to take care of the poor and needy ones, the White hand campaign has collaborated with the anouar association for the same purpose, which is to feed the poor and the suppressed ones who cannot afford to have food for the Suhoor and Iftar as well as the other regular days. This bond between the associations is breakable and has led to many reforms responsible for providing good quality food to the poor people. 

These organizations are working together so that the hustle and bustle can be controlled.  

  • The bond

This bond between the two organizations is proven to be a good step towards success. Day by day, the circle is increasing, and the people are getting closer to each other all of the workers work together and get close enough to the people who are suffering.

  • The circle

Both of the associations are working together so that they have managed to create a circle and expand it to the point where there are a large number of people who are willing to donate, and they have become regular donors and sponsors. 

  •  The Volunteers

The associations are open for new people who can show their enthusiasm in their field. They are recruiting people with great talent in almost every aspect. They need coordinators who can arrange and handle the seminars to create awareness among the people of Morocco. They also need some social media experts familiar with content posting on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Not only by posting the content on social media but by it all over the internet so that everyone can get to know the real-world problems and how they can be the solution for them.

The association also needs some teachers who can teach the English language to the people of Morocco to communicate with foreigners without any communication barrier.

The association also needs some volunteers that can show the people how to step into the agriculture field and how they can work in the farms and also can feed their families at the same time while feeding the others. To educate people about farming and introduce new techniques that can be used to grow as many crops as they can while using much lesser effort.  

  • What does it feel like?

Being a volunteer brings inner satisfaction and creates the means of gaining experience by meeting different people from different places. The more experience they gain, the more they gain knowledge of the outside world which helps them cope with the newer and newer situations. And this experience is also being shared with the other people who are not in the state of working but want to do something. Little by little we take towards stability and success, no matter what happens in our life, but we should always step further, and we should never give up. This is the message of the white hand Campaign.

  • Conclusion

White hand campaign and the Anouar association food distribution programs are doing a great job as they have started from the little platform by taking smaller steps. This is how the more significant victories are achieved. Days are tough, and the nights are long, but the association never gives up despite being tortured by the surroundings. It keeps moving ahead.

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