Call for Volunteers


Volunteer Experts on Agriculture and Irrigation Projects

We are currently looking for professionals who can offer support in a number of areas.

  • To promote activities in communities with environmentally and socially in commendatory conditions;
  • To help protect and preserve forests and farmlands, crops and study food, agriculture, and as well as rural life;
  • Be involved in sustainable agriculture and help with substitute programs that will emphasize and learn and teach agriculture and responsible farming;
  • Help to design and facilitate technical feasibility studies for aquaculture and horticulture project as well when needed;
  • Ensure that irrigation investments are made on a requested driven basis, are technologically suitable and are environmentally sustainable.

Volunteers who have free time and with a background in agriculture and irrigation projects will play an important part in our organization. Volunteering for sustainable agriculture projects is a great opportunity to combine work and learning about farming while you travel.

This program is open for individuals and for the organization who are interested in

Volunteering job who possess any of these qualifications:

  • You must have at least a Master’s Degree in Agriculture Engineering or Water resource management or any other related issues or a track record on working in a similar environment; post-graduate student preferred;
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years’ experience with irrigation water management, or agricultural projects
  • Good knowledge of agriculture/ irrigation issues such as crop productivity and diversification, bioenergy, use of conventional and non-conventional water; land management technologies;
  • Experience with developmental design, and irrigation operational plan with small-scale farmers;
  • A proven track record in preparation of irrigation schemes, including formulation of irrigation strategies;
  • A proven track record in preparing feasibility reports; drafting TOR/business/project proposals will be an advantage;
  • Experience in sustainable agriculture and income resilience programming for farmers;
  • You must have a good experience in community-based irrigation management approach for agricultural and sustainability in marginal and saline territory or environment;
  • Has experience in the communal planning process would be an asset;
  • Good knowledge of the environment and development strategies and be familiar with the Organization’s guidance on Programming and Planning Project and its Cycle Management;
  • Must be fluent in English. All reporting should be done in English. Excellent communication skills are requested to coordinate with international NGO’s;
  • Experts shall follow standard rules and ethics with thoroughness and high level of professionalism.