Volunteer as an English Teacher in Morocco


Anouar Association invites you to be part of our volunteering program to help the community of Ait Faska develop their communication skills and be globally competitive by teaching the English language.

We believe that learning the English language is essential to young people to move beyond the barriers of poverty and limiting opportunities. 

We are looking for volunteer English teachers who are passionate about teaching the young generation of Moroccan teens ages 12 to 18 and will partake in activities for students with the objective of helping them improve their social and communication skills.

Volunteering is great for expanding your network of friends, gain references, and multicultural experience – invaluable in today’s global marketplace.

Get a chance to directly engage with locals and meet passionate volunteers from across the globe. When you immerse yourself into a whole new culture and experience daily life from the eyes of our less fortunate brothers, it allows you to open up your minds and find compassion deep within yourselves.

Through this volunteering program, you not only get to teach important life skills to children and young adults who need our help the most. Because if there is one thing that every volunteer teacher will take from their experience, it is the new way of looking at the world.

The English Language in Morocco

The variety of verbal practices in Morocco—with Amazigh and Modern Standard Arabic as intrinsically official dialects and French being generally utilized yet informal—makes the advancement of English a significant complex test that requires genuine political will and instructive change to achieve. The social, just as monetary, uprising Morocco has encountered since the start of the 21st century appears to overlook what is really important by not giving English the esteem it justifies through its expanding power around the world. In school, understudies in secondary level exhibit fair learning and absence of authority of French, in spite of its being presented in their beginning periods of education.

Despite the fact that few clarifications can represent this horrendous actuality, understudies’ frames of mind and the unpredictability of the French Language might be conceivable reasons. Writer Leila Abou Zeid guaranteed in a gathering held by the ALC Fez, that numerous Moroccans, including herself, hold an antagonistic mentality towards French due to colonization; English, nonetheless, supposedly is almost certainly held and learned, since understudies sit for an institutionalized national test toward the finish of their secondary school, and many improve in extent to French.

As Morocco has fortified its financial trade with the U.S., and with Moroccan business being free and open to global trade, learning English has turned into an essential for all activity job searchers in both private and government sector. The global scene has made English a beast that eats up every other language on assorted fronts, for example, business, science, and innovation. Obviously, this is negative of what may be called language colonialism, as English seats itself on the position of authority of world dialects. In any case, a hard decision concerning language approach ought to be made so as to make up for lost time with the influx of financial and logical transformations. English is bound to get notoriety as Morocco’s first unknown dialect, as its utilization is valued and even obligatory in parts, for example, global exchange and logical research. As Moroccan instruction, media, trade, and culture are ending up increasingly more open to the world, learning and utilizing English is an imperative necessity.


English is the main remote dialect understudies in secondary school go for. This is exhibited by the tremendous quantities of understudies learning English as a remote vernacular in contrast with the number of understudies who study others—outstandingly German and Spanish. This reality demonstrates the need to make English something beyond another unknown dialect supplementing understudies’ proficient and scholastic interests. Understudies have turned out to be mindful that their communicational inadequacy in French could be substituted with learning English, which is a simpler and quicker procedure.


In similar regard, the Moroccan Ministry of Education has been expanding the enrollment of alumni studying English to fit the bill for showing positions in secondary schools crosswise over Morocco. In 2009, for example, the number of English language educators prepared for secondary schools increased to 90, and 100 the next year. This heightening proceeded to accomplish 400 student educators for the coming school year, which demonstrates how basic the requirement for English language teachers in Moroccan government-funded schools is. Without uncertainty, English is turning into a ground-breaking language in Morocco for the years to come, and training seems, by all accounts, to be the channel of its mighty progression to the Moroccan etymological stage.

About Anouar Association

A nonprofit organization founded on January 5, 2017, Anouar Association strives to serve the less fortunate kids and elders in many communities in and around the Arab world.

Anouar Association aims to develop the potential hidden inside every deprived child and neglected elders and provide support as they go through their daily lives. We are aware that a child needs to have a good upbringing. For a child to foster its potential, he or she must be provided with good education, basic medical and health care needs, etc. The organization has been putting its efforts on this goal all through its long years of presence. Of course, there are elders too who are in need of extra support, nourishment, and aid for income opportunities to sustain their everyday living.

Parts of our undertaking is to give assistance to elders and children in need by means of putting up fundraising for their cause, welcoming volunteers and partner organizations.

Our objective entails bringing changes into society by raising awareness among people on a variety of significant issues. Concerns that lead children to become less and less valuable and older people becoming more and more helpless. These need to change and Anouar Association is passionate about helping these children and elders to validate their own cause and earn a living for themselves.

Anouar Association has a list of options available for those who want to lend their time and expertise as volunteers to many projects that the association is undertaking. For more information about how you can help, visit www.anouar.org.ma

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